About Kaylee

14 things you might not know about me.

1. I am a big fan of running

2. I am a freak when it comes to reading time.

3. I like to draw, color, and paint I am like an artist I love doing art.

4. My favorite game on the play station is Minecraft.

5. Every day I’m so excited to be coming to school to be with my awesome teacher.

6. I love to give makeovers with my sisters and my friends.

7. I love to be coming in class everyday after P.E and giving my brain a little math

8. My favorite thing in class is doing math.

9. I love jogging with my friends in the rain.

10. My favorite healthy foods are salads, apples, and bannanas. 

11.  My favorite sport is soccer in the rain. 

12. I love spending my time In class with my cool teacher. 

13. My favorite thing to learn in math is learning ratios. 

14. My favorite book series are Dork Diaries, and The Maze Runner.

2 thoughts on “About Kaylee

  1. Hello Kaylee. I also enjoy math. I like reading too. I read Dork Diaries when I was about your age. What book are you on now?

  2. Hi my name is Ben, I enjoy P.E , my favourite foods is chocolate cake, I have a pet fish .
    Hi my name is Brooke Barnes , I have 2 pets one is a little kitten called Bentley and a bearded dragon called Franky . I enjoy doing everything and my favourite food is spaghetti ballerinas and my favourite drink is milk.hi im grace I engoy math,my faivroute food is fish and chips I have a horse and swimming is my faivrout sport

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